Top Common House Problems

Property Structure

Recent surveys from home inspectors created a list of the top 10 problems found in homes across the country.

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  1. Electrical Wiring

Often issues at home lie within the wiring. This includes things such as insufficient electrical current to the house, inadequate overload protection and dangerous wiring conditions and connections.

  1. Roof Damage

Roof leakages is a problem found in older homes, especially when there have recently been bad weather conditions. Roof leakages have been found to be a common problem from damaged shingles and improper flashing.

  1. Surface Grading & Drainage

Over 39% of the survey found surface grading and drainage to be the most frequent problem in homes. Proper drainage is responsible for household maladies including water penetration.

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  1. Heating Systems

The most common issues found in this category include damaged operation controls, unsafe exhaust disposal and blocked chimneys. Click here.

  1. Exteriors

The biggest issues were found within the windows, wall surfaces and doors, which are responsible for water and air penetration.

In addition to this, inadequate chalking and weather stripping are the most common faults.

  1. Maintenance

There are many signs to show when a property hasn’t been maintained properly, including cracked, peeling and dirty painted surfaces, as well as broken fixtures and appliances and crumbling masonry. See: Your Home Maintenance Checklist.