Now The Right Time To Sell Your House, or is it?

The short answer is YES! Now is the right time to sell your home as monthly asking prices experience highest rise since 2012 and property prices are expected to fall in the next year.

As figures and reports released every week seem to show a resurgence of the property market, many prospective vendors unsure about selling are now being convinced that now is the best time to make the move.

Recent Research

Many homeowners want to sell property fast in order to migrate, relocate or raise funds from an inherited property, and a report from has indicated that houses are now on the market for ever shorter periods of time.

Their research has also revealed that property asking prices across England and Wales rose by 1.5% in January, the highest monthly rise since May 2007.

What’s more, the Asking Price Index reported that prices are on the rise in every English region, as well as Scotland and Wales – with London leading the charge, as is the norm we have come to expect.

Typical Time On The Market

The typical time for a property to be on the market is now three times less than in February last year, with many homeowners selling property fast as demand is high.

These positive figures have largely been attributed to the success of the government Help to Buy scheme and low mortgage rates.

More vendors entered the market last month in Yorkshire, the North East and the North West. Although on the whole, property supply is down 11% nationwide since February 2013.

The findings across the board show that now is a great time for owners to sell your house fast as prices continue to rise and the property market continues to recover.

Overwhelming demand from buyers has reduced the average time on the market to just 67 days, as high numbers of UK buyers want to move up the property ladder now opportunities to make a shrewd investment continue to arise.

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