Moving Homes: Getting Ready for the Big Day

Our Advice for Moving Homes

Apparently, moving home is the third most stressful life event (after divorce and death) and when the day finally arrives there is a lot to think about, so with that in mind, here are our tips for moving day:

Hopefully, all the contractual and legal aspects of the property transaction have been tied up and you can focus on transferring your belongings and personality into your new home. The main considerations on moving day are packing followed by the removal itself.

The first step we would advise is to make a packing list – it may seem over-organised, but this practice is methodical and is sure to save time as the hours inevitably slip away. What’s more, there is limited scope for sentimentality in this process. When you start packing you are likely to be surprised at the amount of ‘stuff’ you have accumulated and it is advisable to use moving as an opportunity to de-clutter. Find out more.

When packing and moving house, the first thing that comes to mind is the plethora of boxes that you will have to source. On top of this, tape, bubble wrap and small boxes and bags for smaller more delicate items are also essentials.

Think about what items will be fundamental to the first few days in your new home and put these together – old photo albums, kids junk toys, ornaments and finishing touches can wait until you are more settled. Another practice that works for a lot of movers is putting items for each room and area of the home together, labelling them to make unpacking easier and less time consuming.

Are You Thinking About Renovating Your Future Home?

Have you recently purchased a new home with a vision in mind for it? Don’t hesitate with the plans you want to put into motion. Find inspiration from qualified home renovation builders. Your new home deserves to be perfect, so start creating plans for it today.