Carpet Cleaning is not a standard cleaning procedure.

On the contrary – some kind of carpets and rugs are even impossible to be cleaned by the ordinary cleaning procedures, which you usually use for upholstery or furniture cleaning. There are several types of delicate, decorative and fine fabrics or textiles that are too specific to be refreshed and sanitised by using the common cleaning methods! Moreover – today’s global market of professional cleaning services come with two types of carpet cleaning solutions.

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One of them is appropriate for manufactured (more solid and harsh) types of carpets. The other one is suitable for fine fabrics and delicate materials. The most delicate carpets and rugs are natural. Natural Carpet Cleaning is recommended to be exercised by the modern Dry Carpet Cleaning System, which works with no water, but with extra effects and contemporary cleanser. However, Natural Carpet Cleaning can be also done at home. Here are some tips that may be extremely useful for you:

Jute – use cold water and bristle brush for this extra delicate fibre! Don’t rub and remove the stains with a block of ice.

Hemp – cold water and a toothbrush are not enough for this 100% natural carpet. Use some very mild dish-washing cleanser or white vinegar!

Sisal rugs – the best cleaning techniques here is a combination of spray bottle and mild cleaning ingredient. Avoid cruel detergents and don’t even think about pouring a great amount of the product on the fibre. Ammonia copes with the stains on the sisal rugs.

Seagrass – this is the easiest to be cleaned type of natural carpet. Use baking soda before vacuuming it and white vinegar, salt or soft dish-washing product for stain removal.

Coir – medicine dry powder or baby powder is a great cleaning solution! You can also refresh a coir carpet with some baking soda. In short, avoid liquid cleaning detergents in case you have a beautiful coir carpet at home!

If you are unsure of the ways to carry this out you should consider hiring a carpet cleaner instead. This will not only mean that you get your home cleaned but, by watching the first time you can then implement what you have learnt so you clean your carpet yourself. That Carpet Guy is a first-class company based in Adelaide that specialises in carpet cleaning. They provide residential carpet cleaning, as well as leather & fabric upholstery cleaning by steam cleaning your sofa, couch, lounge suite and furniture.

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