For many reasons, every year many UK residents need to sell a house fast and doing so through traditional channels does not always achieve the best results.

UK Estate agents are often unable to sell properties quickly for several reasons – drawn out conveyancing and time-consuming mortgage approvals being the principal factors contributing towards slowing down the house selling process.

In response to this problem, a new online sector was born, the ‘fast sale’ industry. There are now a range of specialist cash buyers, like Lawrence House Funds, that offer quicker completion rates than the national average.

Buying a house, land or even leasing

Are you interested in buying a house, land or even leasing?

Having the right information about it can save you money and time, so choose a good real estate company who is trustworthy, effective and can provide you with the services you need. For more information, click here.

How Long Does The Average Sale Take?

Common sale times range between 7 and 28 days, whilst the national average for conventional sales is usually longer than this in a standard property market.

The reason specialist buyers can push through such quick property transactions is predominantly due to dealing in cash, hence no mortgages. This type of property sale is also chain-free – chains a frustrating and often unavoidable cause of many failed completions.

How Much Do We Offer?

By working out the market value of a property using sources such as the Land Registry and Zoopla, cash house buyers are able to offer vendors relevant, genuine cash offers at a certain percentage of the property’s market value ranging in many cases from 70-90%.

Watch Out For Rogue Traders

As expected with many solely internet-based business sectors, there are some rogue traders out there and it is advisable to look out for and avoid firms asking for up front fees and referring to lock-in contracts.

What’s more, to identify genuine cash property buyers, vendors looking to sell their property fast should ask for proof of funds and look for reviews from previous clients, our testimonials can be found on our homepage.

Sell And Rent Back

Unfortunately, if you are looking to sell and rent back your property, this is one area we are not able to help as we only buy houses with vacant possession.

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