As energy bills continue to spiral and homeowners look to save as much as possible, energy efficiency has taken on even greater importance over the last few years.

So much so that prospective buyers are increasingly looking for properties that will keep energy expenditure to a minimum. Therefore, an energy efficient home could improve the value of your property as well as help it to sell fast once on the market. More ways to sell your house fast.

Below are some ideas to consider regarding energy efficiency in your home:

More efficient Insulation:

According to an infographic published on the Guardian, insulation of lofts and walls could contribute to annual energy savings of over £200.

What’s more, approximately a quarter of the heat in a home that hasn’t been insulated is lost through the roof. Insulation can be installed for anything between £50 and £300 and can start to save the property owner thousands of pounds after 5-10 years – a shrewd investment that many buyers are now expecting to already be in place in properties they are looking at.

Better Boilers:

Typically, a boiler accounts for around 55% of a household’s energy bills, so it is imperative that yours is as efficient as possible. If your boiler is over ten years old you should really start thinking about getting it replaced, as the efficiency of a boiler deteriorates rapidly the older it gets. Furthermore, all new boilers are built to energy saving specifications and standards. Find out more about gas boilers here.

Double glazing:

It has to be acknowledged that these days most properties in the UK are double glazed. However, the small proportion that remains single glazed will be losing plenty of heat, severely hampering energy efficiency.

For those properties utilising double glazed windows, there are still ways to make them more efficient. Multiple panes as well as replacing aluminium frames with vinyl frames will help, while letting your property take advantage of sunlight with opened blinds and curtains is a 100% free way of heating up your property.

Double and triple glazed rooflights are perfect as they allow the maximum amount of natural light into your home as well as providing excellent insulation preventing unnecessary heat loss. This saves fuel consumption for both light and heat, saving you money on your fuel bills.

CCTV and home security in the modern home

Home with CCTV wins hands down in cities including London. Why, because crime is more of an issue in the cities with property time left vacant far higher than in the countryside. Does CCTV put criminals off burglarizing a property? According to the Met police, a property with clear signs and prominent cameras is five times less likely to be broken into. With the age of YouTube and video on all smartphones, there is a huge public awareness of the quality of video and how it can be effectively used to identify people.

Want to install CCTV into your home but are not sure which type? Then click here for more information.

Clear the property of any waste:

Prospective house buyers are looking for clear and empty properties to buy. If you have a lot of junk or waste lying around inside or in the garden space, hire a house clearance specialist to take it all away for you. Diamond Waste Removal Services in London has many years’ experience in house clearances. Find out more about their services here. Diamond Waste aim to recycle as much waste as possible, minimising the volume of waste going into landfill.

Sustainable energy:

The most common and affordable practice that comes to mind is the utilisation of solar panels. Even though the UK is not known for spectacular weather, solar panels will still generate plenty of energy all year round (up to 75% of an average household’s needs) and the price of installation has been steadily decreasing as they become more common.

On top of this, any surplus energy can be sold back to the energy companies for a good price. Alternatively, rainwater collection systems are also a good way to recycle water and keep the garden healthy.

By implementing some of these strategies your home could become wildly more appealing to prospective buyers, potentially decreasing its sale time and increasing its market value.