Selling Your Property

We buy houses anywhere, in any condition and having been doing this since 2007, there aren’t many situations we haven’t encountered.

Unlike some, we are also happy and able to purchase property worth more than £120,000. In fact we have recently bought a number of £1m+ homes.

Please be in no doubt, selling via an estate agent is absolutely the way to maximize the sale price you’ll achieve however, if it’s speed and certainty you’re after, you’re going to need a specialist.

We’ve helped hundreds of house sellers just like you. No matter what your reasons for needing a guaranteed cash sale, we’ll make sure your deadline is met.

However, when asking why people are selling their property, the most common reply is “We are moving abroad to start a new life!”. People are moving all over the world including Europe, America, Australia and Thailand as the quality of life is far better in these countries that have a warmer climate.

Best Real Estate Agencies to Choose:

Europe: European Property
Australia: Team Soloman Estate Agents
Thailand: MuangThai Real Estate

Quick Sales

No doubt you’ve heard negative stories about the “quick sale” industry. Many of them are true and it’s certainly advisable to keep your “eyes open” when requesting offers.

At Lawrence House Funds we keep it simple.

We pay a fair price for a “cash sale” and are extremely transparent about how we arrive at any firm offer we may make. All valuation documentation is available for inspection by you &/or your solicitor (at anytime).

We do not “chip” the price at the last minute in order to earn extra profit. We do not charge any fees, we do not lock you into any dubious contracts and we certainly do not make promises we can’t keep.

Contrary to media hype, this industry is not “full of sharks”. It just seems that way because those sorts of stories make the best newspaper copy. However, it would be a mistake (and a waste of your time) to assume that companies in our industry provide a realistic route to selling for 100% of market value.

The swift sale service we provide is not for everyone. Really it’s only for those who have prioritized speed and certainty over price.

If you are one of the few that fit that description, we are a safe pair of hands and only too happy to help. That’s just good business.

Currently we have immediate access to a private £200m cash fund and we need to spend that money.

So please, if you need cash for your property quickly, give us a call. You’ll find the whole process simple, quick and completely free from any “funny business”.

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