At LawrenceHouseFunds we pride ourselves on providing the most simple and transparent property buying service in the UK. However, here are some of the most common questions many of our vendor clients have at the start of the house sale process:

How fast will you make me an offer?

We give you an initial estimation of the cash value that might be possible immediately. You will then receive a call from us within approximately 3 hours to discuss the sale and the specifics. We will firm up the offer and move forward from there. Many times the offer goes up once we actually talk to you, so be sure and take the call. Contact us for more.

How quickly will the sale go through?

The sale goes as quickly as possible once a price has been agreed upon. If you need it to happen within 24 hours we will do our best to make it happen. In most cases, several days are needed for the seller to take care of things. If you need a few weeks that is ok too. Your schedule is our schedule.

When do I get my money?

As we said, your schedule is ours. We have the case available to buy any house at any point in time. Immediate cash, or a delay in payment, either way is fine with us. You can take some time to think about the offer or if you approve of the valuation the sale can go through immediately. The money is then deposited quickly into your bank account. See mortgage deals.

Valuation – how is it determined?

We get your property the highest valuation possible. There are several methods that we use to determine this that are extremely accurate. Some of the methods we use include independent valuation but an RICS chartered surveyor. We also use local experts in the real estate field. Desktop market research tools like Zoopla are helpful as is Rightmove and the Land Registry. We combing all the information ensure we get the value of your property right and to provide you with the best cash deal possible.

What are your fees?

You will not find any hidden fees with us. Valuation is free. There are no estate agent fees. We pay all the legal fees and there are no lawyer fees. We do not use option contracts of lock-in contracts, so you are free to pull out of any deal at anytime (without any penalty) up to exchange of contracts (just as with a traditional house sale). There are no hidden charges – just the cash you want for your home.

When do I sign a binding legal contract?

If you do not like the valuation price you are free not to sell to us. You are only committed to sell to us once the contracts have been exchanged. Before that time frame there are no contracts to sign that are binding. We don’t ever penalize you for not selling to us until the formal contract.

What is a property development loan?

Property development finance is most often used for larger builds for domestic, commercial and mixed use developments. Property developers are usually the only people that use property finance to start and finish their projects. Click here to apply for a loan.

What do you buy?

House and flats, bungalows and maisonettes – we buy them all. Apartments, mansions and all types of homes. We can offer cash for any type of home. Many cash for houses companies can only offer a set amount but not our company. We buy your home for a great price no matter what the price bracket of your home.

What if my home needs repairs?

We will be happy to purchase any property that needs repairs. Even if you have structural damage or other problems we are still interested in buying. Our offer will still be quick and easy. We take care of needed repairs once the sale has gone through. You get your cash quickly and we take care of the worries. See mortgage lenders.

One thing that puts potential buyers off is having a lot of clutter and waste in your property. Get in touch with a local rubbish clearance company to remove old furniture and waste and start to prep your house for a viewing! See one of Surrey’s leading companies.

What’s your track record?

In the “houses for cash” industry we are one of the most experienced and one of the few that are genuinely cash funded. The company has been trading for many years and have purchased thousands of homes.

Feel free to contact us, either online or by phone, if you have any other questions.